Wednesday, March 04, 2009


to all those who have been constantly and faithfully checking in to c if there are any updates from this blog (which i doubt there r), thank u for ur loyalty but i have to say this, u guys really have nothing better to do ah?! haha kidding!! its been ages since i last wrote anything, had been pretty occupied with everything.. guess i also just lost the interest to blog, dont really c the point anymore after getting facebook (so look out for me there ya).. haha so i was thinking of just closing down this blog site, but then decided that i'll just keep it lah.. in case i suddenly have the urge to proclaim something, like i'm married or pregnant or something like that.. so come back maybe after 5 years or so lah ya.. as for now, my best wishes to all of u out there..

"The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you.
My love be with you all in Christ Jesus. Amen"
1 Cor 16: 23-24

Sunday, September 07, 2008


aahhh!!! my whole body very gatal!! must be allergic to the medication i've been taking.. have been very sick for 1 whole week now.. ok let's c, i've had quite a high fever, flu, cough, migrain, n now the latest to hit me, allergy!! so there goes my whole study week lah, spent not on studying but sleeping (should just call it sleeping/recuperating week lah).. aahhh i'm very frust now, my semester exams start this week, n i'm so not prepared for it (sounds familiar).. really thank God we only have 3 subjects this semester.. have to totally rely on Him for this 2 weeks, need lots of prayers.. plz..

on a brighter note, huey yu finally gave birth to a baby girl!! koh shu en.. havent seen the baby yet but i heard she's really cute
hazel: she's got a very nice shaped head (hmmm riteeee....)

more updates n pictures in 2 weeks time ya, patience.....

Monday, August 18, 2008


wow, havent been posting anything for quite some time d.. have been quite bz with studies n all.. anyway nothing much to report here.. ok wait, wanna share wat happened to me today

we've handed in our list of the final year project titles that we're interested in n after 2-3 torturing weeks of waiting for the lecturer's reply i finally got my title!! i was just starting to get worried coz most of my coursemates were alr getting theirs but me? seems like no lecturers wanted me :( so today we went lecturer hunting n i went to my 1st choice leturer Dr Wong.. btw i chose her for the topic, not for her, i'm actully terrified of her k.. 1 would be crazy to put her as the 1st choice, but i did anyway.. not sure y again, but i guess it was God leading me to take that topic lah.. so i gathered all the caurage i had n went in faith to meet her, this was how it went..

me: hi dr wong, er sorry ya, i was just wondering if u've alr chosen ur final year project students?

dr wong: ya
(with an evil grin on her face.. at this point the 1st thing that came into my mind was that, ok she chose her students d, but she didn't contact me bout it so i guess that she didn't accept me loh)

me: oh.. .. er ok thanks anyway
(just as i was gonna walk away, she asked me.. ..)

dr wong: y? did u put me as ur 1st choice?

me: oh, ya i did..

dr wong: so how?
(again with that evil grin!!)

me: er.. ..
(i was still thinking that she had alr rejected me.. so wat can i say rite?)

ok the rest of the conversation's a blur to me now coz i was too nervous that time.. so fast forward, n the good news is i got it!! then she went on to ask me some stuff n briefed me a lil.. she even borrowed me her precious 3cm thick research paper to read!! the fact that she did that gives me the idea that maybe she's got no1 else under her.. hmm.. .. anyway God was really in the picture n i'll be trusting Him to bring me through lah

ok enough bout that, here's a few other stuff for u all to keep in ur prayers

1) iba unplugged is happening this sat.. may the Lord's glory be revealed through this event ya

2) exams r nearing but cant concentrate on studying for that yet coz still there r lab reports to do.. so frustrating!! i'm predicting that i'll go missing from this blog for another few more weeks lah..

oh btw, abel, if ur reading this, u owe me rm34.50 for mummy's present :p.. went through the whole of jusco trying to find a decent jewellery box but i could only find this.. the rest were all for lil girls with pink flowers n unicorns on it.. so.. .. .. ya, i'll only be passing it to her this weekend k.. forgot to give it to her on sun :p

take care all

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Copa IBA

This year pkgh sent 2 captain ball teams to Copa IBA: 1 senior team n 1 junior team.. also sent a last minute futsal team (think there were 2 teams? not sure) anyway if u would like to c pictures of the event, u can go visit ya

so wat have i learnt this weekend? God has taught me to love my fellow bros n sis no matter how rough they can get in a game.. also taught me to forgive those who were er, weren't so nice to me n leave the judging to God.. i was reminded that He is a fair n a just God.. i practiced patience (lots of it) n with His help was still able to put on a smile, though inside i was almost exploding!! oh n i learnt that enduring hardship faithfully to the end really pays off.. y? coz God is faithful n He helped us win the fairplay award!! wohoo!! n 2 years in a row i must add!!

even though there were many "driven" n "passionate" players that day, i was still encouraged that there were some who apologised for being so "driven".. some even apologised on behalf of their "driven" friends which i think was really noble of them.. i rmb 1 particular girl who was trying her very best to control her other "driven" team mates.. for the whole time she would be pulling them aside n scolding them for doing certain "moves" n even at the end of the game still came to apologise to us.. really appreciate ppl like that.. but not all teams were so "driven" lah, there were also some teams who were just a pleasure to play with, example the all star team.. they were really a friendly n happy bunch.. even though they lost (kau kau) they were still laughing n enjoying their time.. it was such an encouragement to c that they havent lost sight of the real goal at hand..

so the end result? the futsal team won the championship!! yalah ok, we captain ball players didn't do so well.. in fact, our jr team kena trash teruk (few games even got 0) but still we learnt a more important lesson, which was sportsmanship.. even when others weren't being so ethical, that doesn't give us the right to also be unethical.. both hazel n i had to repeat that soooo many times to the younger ones, u have no idea how tired we were of all their complaints.. but they were still the cutest team there!! haha especially when they were cheering for us senior team, "port klang, port klang.. .. " haha simply adorable!! and most importantly, we learnt that He is a righteous n a just God.. He even had the patience to repeat that lesson to me a few times after Copa IBA until i fully got it.. how great is that?

hehe n speaking of being fair n all, i have to thank our referee, solomon for doing such a great job.. he's gotta be 1 of the best captain ball referees ever (not trying to ampu here, the game's over d lah plz) but still cant beat ann choo though.. haha she actually stops the game to scold players who dont follow the rules 1 ok.. u rock, ann!! anyway that day i was kinda surprised that solo wasn't being his usual friendly self, instead was so cold n professional throughout the entire event.. then i realised that he was just trying to be as fair n blameless as he can, if other teams were to c him chatting so nicely with us we're only giving them oportunity to find fault in him (like how we were complaining bout a specific other ref, hehe).. so after the whole event (ya, after we lost), he suddenly transformed into the joker we knew.. even accusing me of stealing their ball somemore, ish!! anyway really fair and professional of him lah, good

Thursday, July 24, 2008

me like captain ball

it was just another 1 of those days when u thought u'd better wash the clothes b4 the pile gets any higher n u get any lazier.. so after u do, u go out n hang the clothes.. then u take a look at the sky n it's about to rain, any time now (ya i know, should've looked at the sky 1st rite).. then comes the question of whether God is testing ur faith n u should leave the clothes out in faith or just use ur common sense n keep the clothes in.. call me lacking of faith but i kept the clothes in n went out..

then it was another 1 of those times when ur driving to the church compound to have a game of captain ball n u receive calls asking if the practice is still on anot.. coz obviously, u'd be crazy to think it wont rain.. then as u pray n decide whether to go on with the practice anot, it starts to drizzle.. n u get a lil frustrated coz ur not even supposed to be in charged of this n every1 seems to be bugging u for decisions.. u've previously learnt that it's not ur role to be calling the shots here, n u've mentioned this to them b4, that they should go ask this other person, but ppl just dont get it!! could it be God testing ur faith? ur ego? or just the results of doing stuff last minute, again, not giving Him the best.. so wat do u do? well since ur alr halfway to the church compound, u decide to go there 1st n c how it all goes..

so once u've reached the church compound, u breathe a sigh of relief coz it stopped raining.. but because it had previously rained, the field was alr wet n slippery.. so u start to think of the kids' safety if u guys decided to go on with the practice.. think of ur accountability to their parents if they were to slip n injure themselves.. then as u looked up to the sky again, u'd be mad to think it wont start raining again.. so wat do u do? is God still testing ur faith? or does He have something else planned for u guys?

since some of the players have yet to eat their breakfast, n this includes u, u decide to go have breakfast in the nearby mamak stall while waiting for the rest of the drivers to arrive.. as u take a sip of ur warm teh tarik, u wonder wat's this big mysterious plan that He has in store for u guys.. why did He let it rain? He knows how important this practice is to u guys, being the last practice b4 copa iba n all.. then some1 randomly says something that God used to hit u.. since He has obviously closed 1 door of playing captain ball outdoor, stop pushing it n take the other open door.. so which door's that? duh, the indoor door lah!! there're so many indoor futsal area in port klang, at least 3 that u can think of.. so u suggest to win shern to go check out the places for availability since he's still "on the way".. then he gets back to u with the good news that the real sports arena is available at just the right time, n with student rate as a bonus!! also u get to check out the place b4 the competition next week

so u guys shift to the arena just in time n start practising.. ya, many didn't/couldn't make it for the practice.. but hey, it worked out just fine coz the younger ones could really take this time to train.. n they improved alrite!! more running, more catching, more throwing, more laughing!! yes, n u never thought u'd have that much fun after such a long fuss.. n ur reminded again of how much u love this sport, how much God has used this game to help build u up in the past.. n now ur seeing God's hand moving again as He build others up through this same game.. it's such an encouragement to c the younger ones open up, that u almost didn't realise the heavy down pour outside!! n then u take a moment to think that wow, God is so good.. we may not fully understand His twisted, complicated ways of doing things (well at least to us His plans seem to be that way lah) but isn't it exciting to be part of it?

so copa iba 08, here we come!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

cash rebate claimed!!

so, petrol prices have increased.. n wat's the government doing bout it? well, they gave me a few sheets of paper.. n that makes me.. ..

rm625 richer!!wah, quite warm today hoh.. is the fan on?

mummy: u n ah pa really too rich alr hoh!! government give u money u still don wanna take ah?

well mummy, it's not that i don wanna take, it's just that the post office has been so packed!! 1 time i went n there was like 100 over numbers before me.. so, nvm.. .. n also add in laziness n forgetfulness.. .. em.. .. well.. ..

haha so after weeks of procrastinating, i finally went to the post office in carefour today.. n boy oh boy was it packed, but this time around 60+ numbers only lah.. so after getting my number i went to mcd to have breakfast.. good thing i brought my notes to study!! took around 1? 2 hours to my turn? i dono? who's counting?

so, my sincere thanks to all the tax payers out there!! keep on paying ur taxes ya!!

btw, don bother planning to mug me, it's all in the bank d :p n i'm not telling my atm pin code!! NEVER!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

one body, many parts

1Cor 12:12-30 the church is like a body n we are all members of it as different body parts.. for example the eyes are responsible to see wat's going on, n the legs are made to walk so that the body can move forward.. now both the eyes and legs have different roles to play but are equally responsible to the function n progress of the body.. each member was made and equipped with their own unique features specific to each roles.. so if the legs aren't doing their job, they are accountable to the whole body.. n at the same time, the eyes cant be doing the leg's job just because the legs dont seem to be walking, who then will be doing the seeing? maybe the legs are having doubts on themselves or r just plain lazy, the eyes may not see the real reason rite.. the point is that the whole body isn't gonna move forward until each member know's its role, accepts it n does it..

so if the legs don seem to be doing their job, there's nothing the eyes can do bout it but only to trust on the Head/brain to do Its part.. even if the legs asks for help in the task of walking, the eyes have to learn to say no at times coz it will affect its role in seeing n come on, eyes cant walk!! the eyes should only be there to suppport n encourage the legs, maybe even advise, but never to do the walking.. but sometimes the eyes tend to think that they can see everything that's going on n start to think they can n should "help" the legs to do their part.. no matter how capable the eyes think they are, they weren't made to walk, but just to simply see.. the eyes also have to realise that the Head wants the body to move forward more than the eyes can ever imagine n will eventually, in Its own mysterious way, send signals to the legs, encouraging, helping n strengthening them to move.. whether the legs respond n manage to pull it off, it's not really the eyes' concern.. all the Head asks of the eyes is to do thier part n trust in the Head that It knows wat Its doing.. the eyes shouldn't be comparing with other members or complaining bout the roles they were given john 21:21-22 Romans 9:20-22

so wat if the body isn't moving? maybe the Head knows it's not time to move yet? maybe the legs have not built enough strength to run the long and tiring race? maybe the legs have been running too much n needs some rest? maybe the eyes have been misled for too long now that they have to help out in the walking instead of concentrating on the seeing part.. only the Head knows n the eyes have to stop bossing the legs around, got it eyes?!