Sunday, September 07, 2008


aahhh!!! my whole body very gatal!! must be allergic to the medication i've been taking.. have been very sick for 1 whole week now.. ok let's c, i've had quite a high fever, flu, cough, migrain, n now the latest to hit me, allergy!! so there goes my whole study week lah, spent not on studying but sleeping (should just call it sleeping/recuperating week lah).. aahhh i'm very frust now, my semester exams start this week, n i'm so not prepared for it (sounds familiar).. really thank God we only have 3 subjects this semester.. have to totally rely on Him for this 2 weeks, need lots of prayers.. plz..

on a brighter note, huey yu finally gave birth to a baby girl!! koh shu en.. havent seen the baby yet but i heard she's really cute
hazel: she's got a very nice shaped head (hmmm riteeee....)

more updates n pictures in 2 weeks time ya, patience.....

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