Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Copa IBA

This year pkgh sent 2 captain ball teams to Copa IBA: 1 senior team n 1 junior team.. also sent a last minute futsal team (think there were 2 teams? not sure) anyway if u would like to c pictures of the event, u can go visit belyeong.multiply.com ya

so wat have i learnt this weekend? God has taught me to love my fellow bros n sis no matter how rough they can get in a game.. also taught me to forgive those who were er, weren't so nice to me n leave the judging to God.. i was reminded that He is a fair n a just God.. i practiced patience (lots of it) n with His help was still able to put on a smile, though inside i was almost exploding!! oh n i learnt that enduring hardship faithfully to the end really pays off.. y? coz God is faithful n He helped us win the fairplay award!! wohoo!! n 2 years in a row i must add!!

even though there were many "driven" n "passionate" players that day, i was still encouraged that there were some who apologised for being so "driven".. some even apologised on behalf of their "driven" friends which i think was really noble of them.. i rmb 1 particular girl who was trying her very best to control her other "driven" team mates.. for the whole time she would be pulling them aside n scolding them for doing certain "moves" n even at the end of the game still came to apologise to us.. really appreciate ppl like that.. but not all teams were so "driven" lah, there were also some teams who were just a pleasure to play with, example the all star team.. they were really a friendly n happy bunch.. even though they lost (kau kau) they were still laughing n enjoying their time.. it was such an encouragement to c that they havent lost sight of the real goal at hand..

so the end result? the futsal team won the championship!! yalah ok, we captain ball players didn't do so well.. in fact, our jr team kena trash teruk (few games even got 0) but still we learnt a more important lesson, which was sportsmanship.. even when others weren't being so ethical, that doesn't give us the right to also be unethical.. both hazel n i had to repeat that soooo many times to the younger ones, u have no idea how tired we were of all their complaints.. but they were still the cutest team there!! haha especially when they were cheering for us senior team, "port klang, port klang.. .. " haha simply adorable!! and most importantly, we learnt that He is a righteous n a just God.. He even had the patience to repeat that lesson to me a few times after Copa IBA until i fully got it.. how great is that?

hehe n speaking of being fair n all, i have to thank our referee, solomon for doing such a great job.. he's gotta be 1 of the best captain ball referees ever (not trying to ampu here, the game's over d lah plz) but still cant beat ann choo though.. haha she actually stops the game to scold players who dont follow the rules 1 ok.. u rock, ann!! anyway that day i was kinda surprised that solo wasn't being his usual friendly self, instead was so cold n professional throughout the entire event.. then i realised that he was just trying to be as fair n blameless as he can, if other teams were to c him chatting so nicely with us we're only giving them oportunity to find fault in him (like how we were complaining bout a specific other ref, hehe).. so after the whole event (ya, after we lost), he suddenly transformed into the joker we knew.. even accusing me of stealing their ball somemore, ish!! anyway really fair and professional of him lah, good

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