Thursday, July 24, 2008

me like captain ball

it was just another 1 of those days when u thought u'd better wash the clothes b4 the pile gets any higher n u get any lazier.. so after u do, u go out n hang the clothes.. then u take a look at the sky n it's about to rain, any time now (ya i know, should've looked at the sky 1st rite).. then comes the question of whether God is testing ur faith n u should leave the clothes out in faith or just use ur common sense n keep the clothes in.. call me lacking of faith but i kept the clothes in n went out..

then it was another 1 of those times when ur driving to the church compound to have a game of captain ball n u receive calls asking if the practice is still on anot.. coz obviously, u'd be crazy to think it wont rain.. then as u pray n decide whether to go on with the practice anot, it starts to drizzle.. n u get a lil frustrated coz ur not even supposed to be in charged of this n every1 seems to be bugging u for decisions.. u've previously learnt that it's not ur role to be calling the shots here, n u've mentioned this to them b4, that they should go ask this other person, but ppl just dont get it!! could it be God testing ur faith? ur ego? or just the results of doing stuff last minute, again, not giving Him the best.. so wat do u do? well since ur alr halfway to the church compound, u decide to go there 1st n c how it all goes..

so once u've reached the church compound, u breathe a sigh of relief coz it stopped raining.. but because it had previously rained, the field was alr wet n slippery.. so u start to think of the kids' safety if u guys decided to go on with the practice.. think of ur accountability to their parents if they were to slip n injure themselves.. then as u looked up to the sky again, u'd be mad to think it wont start raining again.. so wat do u do? is God still testing ur faith? or does He have something else planned for u guys?

since some of the players have yet to eat their breakfast, n this includes u, u decide to go have breakfast in the nearby mamak stall while waiting for the rest of the drivers to arrive.. as u take a sip of ur warm teh tarik, u wonder wat's this big mysterious plan that He has in store for u guys.. why did He let it rain? He knows how important this practice is to u guys, being the last practice b4 copa iba n all.. then some1 randomly says something that God used to hit u.. since He has obviously closed 1 door of playing captain ball outdoor, stop pushing it n take the other open door.. so which door's that? duh, the indoor door lah!! there're so many indoor futsal area in port klang, at least 3 that u can think of.. so u suggest to win shern to go check out the places for availability since he's still "on the way".. then he gets back to u with the good news that the real sports arena is available at just the right time, n with student rate as a bonus!! also u get to check out the place b4 the competition next week

so u guys shift to the arena just in time n start practising.. ya, many didn't/couldn't make it for the practice.. but hey, it worked out just fine coz the younger ones could really take this time to train.. n they improved alrite!! more running, more catching, more throwing, more laughing!! yes, n u never thought u'd have that much fun after such a long fuss.. n ur reminded again of how much u love this sport, how much God has used this game to help build u up in the past.. n now ur seeing God's hand moving again as He build others up through this same game.. it's such an encouragement to c the younger ones open up, that u almost didn't realise the heavy down pour outside!! n then u take a moment to think that wow, God is so good.. we may not fully understand His twisted, complicated ways of doing things (well at least to us His plans seem to be that way lah) but isn't it exciting to be part of it?

so copa iba 08, here we come!!

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