Monday, July 14, 2008

one body, many parts

1Cor 12:12-30 the church is like a body n we are all members of it as different body parts.. for example the eyes are responsible to see wat's going on, n the legs are made to walk so that the body can move forward.. now both the eyes and legs have different roles to play but are equally responsible to the function n progress of the body.. each member was made and equipped with their own unique features specific to each roles.. so if the legs aren't doing their job, they are accountable to the whole body.. n at the same time, the eyes cant be doing the leg's job just because the legs dont seem to be walking, who then will be doing the seeing? maybe the legs are having doubts on themselves or r just plain lazy, the eyes may not see the real reason rite.. the point is that the whole body isn't gonna move forward until each member know's its role, accepts it n does it..

so if the legs don seem to be doing their job, there's nothing the eyes can do bout it but only to trust on the Head/brain to do Its part.. even if the legs asks for help in the task of walking, the eyes have to learn to say no at times coz it will affect its role in seeing n come on, eyes cant walk!! the eyes should only be there to suppport n encourage the legs, maybe even advise, but never to do the walking.. but sometimes the eyes tend to think that they can see everything that's going on n start to think they can n should "help" the legs to do their part.. no matter how capable the eyes think they are, they weren't made to walk, but just to simply see.. the eyes also have to realise that the Head wants the body to move forward more than the eyes can ever imagine n will eventually, in Its own mysterious way, send signals to the legs, encouraging, helping n strengthening them to move.. whether the legs respond n manage to pull it off, it's not really the eyes' concern.. all the Head asks of the eyes is to do thier part n trust in the Head that It knows wat Its doing.. the eyes shouldn't be comparing with other members or complaining bout the roles they were given john 21:21-22 Romans 9:20-22

so wat if the body isn't moving? maybe the Head knows it's not time to move yet? maybe the legs have not built enough strength to run the long and tiring race? maybe the legs have been running too much n needs some rest? maybe the eyes have been misled for too long now that they have to help out in the walking instead of concentrating on the seeing part.. only the Head knows n the eyes have to stop bossing the legs around, got it eyes?!


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