Tuesday, July 15, 2008

cash rebate claimed!!

so, petrol prices have increased.. n wat's the government doing bout it? well, they gave me a few sheets of paper.. n that makes me.. ..

rm625 richer!!wah, quite warm today hoh.. is the fan on?

mummy: u n ah pa really too rich alr hoh!! government give u money u still don wanna take ah?

well mummy, it's not that i don wanna take, it's just that the post office has been so packed!! 1 time i went n there was like 100 over numbers before me.. so, nvm.. .. n also add in laziness n forgetfulness.. .. em.. .. well.. ..

haha so after weeks of procrastinating, i finally went to the post office in carefour today.. n boy oh boy was it packed, but this time around 60+ numbers only lah.. so after getting my number i went to mcd to have breakfast.. good thing i brought my notes to study!! took around 1? 2 hours to my turn? i dono? who's counting?

so, my sincere thanks to all the tax payers out there!! keep on paying ur taxes ya!!

btw, don bother planning to mug me, it's all in the bank d :p n i'm not telling my atm pin code!! NEVER!!

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